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Your chance to receive bonus on every GG World Lottery jackpot won!

The rule is simple - each time someone’s win the GG World jackpot you win with him! The 1% of jackpot is distributed among all token holders that have registered their Ethereum token-holding account in our website’s panel.

For the initial period of GG World Lottery operation, every registered token-holder will receive 1% bonus based on the ticket sales income. Sign up, fill up your token-holding Ethereum address and you’re done - just wait until someone’s win or try your luck by yourself as the game is already live!


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Bonus 1

Every token-holder will receive 1$ (paid in ETH) for each GGC token owned, when the GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time.

Bonus 2

Bonus 2 is counted monthly and paid out quarterly. It is a % of the GG World Lottery ticket sales, distributed between all GGC holders in proportion to the number of tokens held. The more GGC you have, the bigger share you will receive from the bonus pool. When GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time and bonus 1 is paid out, bonus 2 will be counted every time the main prize is won and paid out quarterly. This will be 1% of the main prize amount, distributed between all GGC holders in proportion to the number of tokens held.
Bonus 2 is paid out only to hodlers with at least 500 GGC in their wallet.
Currently paid out:
2019 - $0.001 / GGC
2020 - $0.17832 / GGC
2021 - $0.24782 / GGC
2022-01-14 - $0.02207 / GGC
2022-02-04 - $0.02211 / GGC
2022-03-02 - $0.02277 / GGC
2022-04-30 - $0.02277 / GGC
2022-05-31 - $0.02301 / GGC
2022-06-15 - $0.02307 / GGC
2022-07-15 - $0.020763 / GGC
2022-08-12 - $0.020337 / GGC
2022-09-07 - $0.021353 / GGC
Total paid out till 2022: $0.625393 / GGC

Bonus 3

Raffle games - a total of 2$/GGC paid out in parts once the game reaches proper sales volume

Bonus 4

Support for faster Bonus 3 payouts - This includes: Keno, Pick games, High-Frequency Games, Online Casino games

Bonus 5

An added value for being part of the project. Insider news is shared on a private telegram group and via email to all GGC hodlers.

GG World Lottery – the biggest game on the planet

The first, licensed global online lottery. The biggest game on the planet with a $100 000 000 minimum guaranteed jackpot available worldwide thanks to local and offshore licenses, and a white label network, powered by White Lotto software.

TRNG – True Random Number Generator

A unique on a world-scale solution, ridding the drawing process of any doubts. True Random Number Generator (TRNG) developed by GG International works using a quantum optical process as a source of a truly unpredictable randomness. Combined with the Ethereum blockchain, this creates the most reliable and transparent lottery ever.

Gaming Laboratories International Certification

The system has successfully passed Gaming Laboratories International tests, an authority in the gaming industry and received a certificate for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a global leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions around the world.

Token summary

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12,726,273 GGC
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Frequently asked questions

GGC can be purchased at UniSwap, where it's traded as BTC/GGC, ETH/GGC, USDT/GGC pair.
Everyone who buys and registers his tokens will receive 1$ for each token as soon as the first jackpot in GG World Lottery gets claimed. This is an extra value, all the tokens remain on your account. This means a quick return of the investment and still owning your tokens for receiving the next bonuses or simply trading them at Uniswap.
Bonus 2 is counted monthly and paid out quarterly as a percentage of GG World Lottery ticket sale.. After paying out bonus number 1, we will stop counting bonus 2 based on the percentage of ticket sales, and we will begin to settle bonus 2 as a percentage of each GG World main prize win (for ease of calculation). This solution is more advantageous from the point of view of calculating the potential payout of bonus number 2. Thanks to the principle of interchangeability of mathematical operations, the amount that each GGC holder will receive will be the same, as if we still counted it as a percentage of the ticket sale. Each ticket translates into an increase of the main prize, which is why the more tickets are sold, the greater the rollover and higher payout of bonus number 2.
We’re planning to launch a new raffle game in 2020. The prize fund is 70%, while 30% remains as an income for the company. Thanks to this, we'll pay out bonus 3 in form of installments up to $2 for every GGC token owned.
We’re extremely thankful to all the supporters that contributed to our worldwide success and now it's time for us to give back the good. The lottery industry is really lucrative (let the numbers speak – in USA it’s worth twice as much as the Hollywood movie industry). Additionally GG World team own 15% of the tokens, so it’s also a payout for our members!
Yes, if the jackpot in GG World Lottery gets claimed, you will receive 1$, and you will also receive up to 2$ as the bonus related to our raffle game.
Additionally, you will be receiving the lifetime payout of bonus 2, related to ticket sales.
Each time someone wins GG World Lottery jackpot your balance grows based on the percentage of the share of GGCOIN tokens you own. For example owning 1% of registered tokens will make you get 1% of the payout. The more coins you have, the bigger your share in the pool is. Additionally we will send non-regular bonuses for our early registered token-holders.
You decide when do you want to withdraw your money! You will need to cover transaction fee and your balance will be sent to your token-holding account in 24 hours. Your balance will be converted to ETH based on current CoinMarketCap rate.
You need to make three things: acquire GGC tokens, open account on this website and submit your token-holding Ethereum account in the panel. Make sure you prepared everything before expected payout and make sure your panel shows how many tokens you own!
No! Please check this link for ERC-20 compatible token wallets and make sure you submit accounts created and managed only by these wallets it in our panel! Our recommendation is MetaMask and/or Ledger Wallet (purchase only from the official website to avoid scams!).
Check this easy to follow article here.
We are present in lottery world since 2007. We have numerous partners all over the world and we have already acquired licenses in multiple countries. Watch out for the news and submit your e-mail to our newsletter to stay updated! Technically speaking, thanks to our White Lotto software we are already present in most parts of the world, but this is just the beginning.
White Lotto software gives users possibility to purchase real land-based lottery tickets such as Powerball® or Mega Millions® . It’s a lottery messenger service - users can order real tickets through White Lotto websites. Our white-label solution is used by multiple partners throughout the world. Head to and see by yourself how many websites already offer the biggest lotteries in the world thanks to our software. And what is important for all our token-holders: all these websites offers GG World Lottery and the chance to win GG World Lottery jackpot increases dramatically with every new white-label website!
No. The bounty has been closed on 15/12/2019.

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